TV Program: CNN

06:00CNN Newsroom (with World Sport)
08:00CNN Newsroom
09:30Business Traveller
10:00Early Start
12:00New Day
14:00CNN Newsroom with Max Foster
14:30World Sport
15:00First Move with Julia Chatterley
16:00Connect the World with Becky Anderson (with World Sport)
17:00Connect the World
18:00The Express
18:30Business Traveller
20:00Hala Gorani Tonight
21:00Quest Means Business
22:00The Lead with Jake Tapper
23:00The Brief with Bianca Nobilo
23:30World Sport
00:00Your World Today with Isa Soares and Cyril Vanier
01:00Your World Today with Isa Soares and Cyril Vanier
02:00Anderson Cooper 360
03:00Cuomo Prime Time
04:00CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
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18:00Pink Film
Dečko koji obećava
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Grad greha
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Kil Bil
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22:45Pink Film
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